About Me

Here is a little information about me

Besides being a writer, I have a vast knowledge of nursing, specifically Labor and Delivery because that has been my focus for many years. I have an awesome husband and two little boys. My oldest loves to write and told his teacher he wants to “write articles like his mommy does.”

I am an educated person who finds credible resources for my work. I write as simple as can be, as if you were talking to me face to face. I started writing because I wanted another income and did not know what talents I could use. I was sick of leaving my home to be a nurse and an instructor for extra money. This is a great way because I can put my thoughts and education to work in my own home, with my kids with me.

I respond to all queries within 24 hours (usually faster).

My most common question asked from clients are my rates. They are based on the type of project, and I do not work for pennies

My experience is as followed:

My full time job as a labor and delivery nurse I am very passionate about. I love making people feel safe with me as their care provider.

From early 2000 to present, I have been in labor and delivery. Some of my duties as a staff nurse are to triage, labor, deliver, and recover patients. I have a lot of experience in cesearan sections along with vaginal deliveries. I assist in the operating room as a scrub nurse and assist in the nicu unit. I use critical thinking skills to assess every patient individually.

I also hold an NCC certification which certifies nurses in a specialty of their choice. Many hospitals recoginze this higher than a bacheolors degree in their related field. My current cerification is high risk obstetrics.

The other certifications I hold are:

CPR instructor 2002 – Present
NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation) certified 2006 – Present
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified 2006 – Present
Assistant Nurse Manager 2010 – Present

As for writing, I have been writing for a little under 5 years. I enjoy content writing, website article writing, and blog writing the most.


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