Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, have you thought of what to do withy our loved one? Some couples think it is overrated and will not celebrate, whereas some couples go overboard. It is nice to received flowers, chocolate or little gifts, but nothing beats quality time with the one you love. Some partners say, “ I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.” The translation behind this statement is true for many couples. That person may not want anything but your time. Memories will never grow old, where as, flowers die, chocolate becomes stale, and gifts fade meaning in time.

Money does not come easy to a lot of couples. Thinking of the perfect date without spending a lot of money can be hard to do. Finding something to do with your loved one in general is also difficult to think of at times. This article is going to give you ideas besides dinner and movie that you and your loved one can try out this Valentine’s Day! Some of these are creative that you have never even thought of them. Most are very affordable and will make it a time you both will not forget.

Photo Booth Fun
There are many photo booths set up at different attractions in many cities. Do a quick Google search for one near you! You and your sweetheart can have a strip of fun pictures from the day! This activity will not cost too much and you will have fun making faces and being goofy with each other.

Love Run
Google search 5K runs near you for Valentine’s Day. There are many going on throughout the US every weekend. If there is no run available, take a run through your local park. This is ought to set the mood for the day. Running for fun can clear your mind, and exercising will give you a lot of energy for the rest of the day.

Public Display of Affection
Do this but not in a awkward way. Express you love your partner by writing it on the sidewalk or beach in a heart, or in the snow if you live in a cold area.

Pick a Number
There’s your destination for food. Pick a number between one and thirty. Drive around until you stop at your number, and that is the restaurant that wins. You may stop at a McDonalds, but hey that’s fate! This takes the whole decision making to a new level and the suspense will make it even more enjoyable. Try this for lunch, not dinner on Valentine’s Day. Also, throw on your favorite tunes on the radio to drive and sing along to.

Skip Dinner
If you know what’s good for you this Valentine’s Day, skip dinner. If you have ever tried to go to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you probably learned very quickly that you should not have gone. The atmosphere can become very chaotic and the prices are usually heightened for the day of romance. Without reservations, which most places do not take reservations on Valentine’s Day, you will most likely wait. If you really want to get out of the house and enjoy your honey in public, opt for dessert instead of dinner. You will also save a pretty penny.

Enjoy Some Music
Somewhere local will likely have a live band playing. Many couples want to be together on Valentine’s Day and want to go out somewhere, try music! Live music is great to watch holding the one you love. Save money on dinner and instead get a couple drinks and enjoy yourselves!

Recreating your First Date
Recreating your first date and remember why you are in love. Many couples get caught up in the day to day shuffles and forget why they are together. Recreate your first date and remember all those great times you had when you started dating. That is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Make a memory later that night that you will never forget again.

Go For A Walk
Go for a walk, but a new route this time. Many couples love to walk with each other hand in hand. Electronic devices, television, and the distractions of life are gone and you can focus on what matters, each other. This Valentine’s Day, take a walk, talk, and afterwards, enjoy some hot chocolate together.

Make Dinner and Dessert, Together.
Many women are used to the hustle and bustle of preparing the meal for their man. This Valentine’s Day, try to cook together. Making something you both enjoy, or your favorite dishes may be cooked for you. For example, he likes steak, you like seafood, you cook the steak, he cooks the seafood.

Dip Food in Chocolate.
To keep the theme of candy and flowers that is overdone on Valentine’s Day, you and your partner need to have some sort of treat! Try dipping food like fruits, marshmallows, and anything else you want into chocolate! Everything is better with chocolate. But, doing something together with it can be even more enjoyable. Who knows where the chocolate dipping can lead…

Local Sports Event.
This may not be too exciting if you are not a sports fan, but it may be if your partner is. Being in a relationship you sacrifice. Try to get excited with your partner and cheer on the team with him! Enjoy some stadium food and drinks in the process. Your partner will have a great time!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and use them. This idea of quality time seems to be fading in the every day couple. Take a look at your grandparents. Time was the essence and should be always in your relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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