Social Anxiety

With holidays approaching social anxiety disorders can peak. The stress of the holidays can make many victims of social anxiety disorder feel overboard.

Social Pressure
Sally was invited to a work holiday party. Sally is part of a small information technology team consisting of five employees. This was a job Sally thought she would do well with because of her social anxiety disorder.

It took many years for Sally to find a job she was good at. Sally likes people, but the anxiety to talk to them overcomes her and she shuts down.

This is very common with social anxiety disorder. Many patients with this disorder want to fit in but have the fear of rejection and the fear overcomes them to the point of not being able to function.

When Sally was invited to the party, she simply declined. With treatment, Sally would be able to learn how to attend these events without the overpowering anxiety of her disorder.

Shy Kid
Mallory was always known as the shy kid. Her immediate family never saw it unless they were in public. She seemed normal to everyone at her house, but in reality Mallory had a social anxiety disorder.

Mallory has one good friend in Kindergarten. Through the years, she would whisper to her friend and when she had to speak in class, she spoke so softly the teacher could barely hear her.

Mallory made it through school because was able to maintain good grades. The teachers never thought she had a problem. The true face of Mallory’s social anxiety disorder came though when she was in middle school.

Once she entered middle school, kids were mean. Unfortunately, the only way she felt she would fit in was to start being “cool.” Mallory started smoking cigarettes and even becoming sexual with different boys much older than she.

In high school, Mallory dropped out. She never obtained the help she needed and now she lives alone with her parents. She was never able to get a job because she was too anxious to speak to employers for interviews.

Unfortunately, with this disorder life becomes a challenge and every day is truly a struggle for these individuals.

Help was Helpful
Charlie was known as a shy child. His mother never thought anything was wrong with him, but other people did. People would think he was autistic and thought things were not right. He acted fine at home, but in school barely spoke a word.

At a young age, a teacher pulled Charlie’s mother into a conference. She had deep concerns for Charlie and referred them to a child psychologist.

Charlie was resistant at first. Over many years, Charlie has learned to cope so well with his disorder than it no longer effects his life in a negative way. He is able to work now as a physician. He has built his confidence to a level that is far beyond what he ever thought.

He still has a stutter with his speech at times. He has learned to slow down his thoughts and try not to let the anxiety get to him like it use to.

He does not like to speak in front of people because he will shut down and freeze. He enjoys being alone, but with his disorders knows that even if he is in a small group it helps him.

Getting help with social anxiety will help the patient realize how to cope with their disorder. Medication is not always the answer, but help is needed if you suspect you have social anxiety disorder.



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