Doulas in labor

I was asked by a client to write something about doulas in my experience as a labor nurse.

I have been a labor nurse for over eight years. In the eight years, I have met many different kinds of people. Doulas are helpful in my area for patients who need constant support.

Pain in subjective and can only be told how bad it is by the person experiencing it. Being able to get through contractions is difficult to any woman. Doulas are there to help you get through that pain. Staying in control is very crucial to the mother and the baby’s overall health during the delivery process.

Husbands and significant others are wonderful to have as support with a doula. The doula will help guide the father on how to help the mother of his child. Many men do not know what to do, nor do they like to see their significant other in such agonizing pain. Doulas can help the mother focus on each contraction.

A doula is better than relying on hospital staff. As a labor nurse, you will not be my other patient of the day. There are lots of laboring mothers and unfortunately the nurses are not allowed to stay at your bedside the entire time.

Investing in a doula will assure you constant contact and constant coaching through your journey of labor.


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