5 C’s of Sales People

I write for a small business online magazine over at http://susanjboston.com/smallbusinessnews/ and thought I would share an article I wrote about what to look for in a sales person.


The 5 C’s of a Successful Sales Representative


Your business needs sales people like every business. Most people hate sales people because they are pushy and annoying. Businesses thrive on great sales people, so how do businesses make it without being pushy and annoying?

The five C’s of what to look for in a sales person can help you choose the right candidate for your small business.

The 5 C’s of a Successful Sales Representative

The sales person you choose should be confident. Believing in his or herself and their ability to make a sale is half the battle. See how your applicant presents himself or herself during a job interview. It is normal to be nervous during a job interview, but they should be able to hide it. If they look nervous or messy, they may do the same for potential clients.

Customer seeking
This is a personality trait that some people do not have. Being customer seeking means you must be outgoing and you have to make an impression on a social interaction. A sales person should make their presence last after the conversation is over. Think about the person you are hoping will join your team, you usually remember them long after the job interview.

When a sales person seems to care about a client, it can go along way. Establishing a rapport with a client will drive your company to not only expand business from you, but will refer you as well. A good sales person asks the client about their personal life and builds trust in them.

A sales person can’t win at sales if they have no drive. Being passionate about the product is going to make the person competitive. Find out why the sales applicant wants part of your team. Think about how your product could be sold by him.


Being a good sales person means becoming creative with your sales approach, without being annoying. Many sales people come up with products to give to business’s that would help them. For example, in a bank to get your sale, they may set up a booth for “free fingerprinting for your kids” in hopes to lure in the family crowd.


I see all these qualities in my husband, hence him being a good sales person. Now, myself, I am not so sure. I am a nurse and I’ll stick with that for now. 😉


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