Healthy Toddler Meal Ideas

Healthy Toddler Meal Ideas

Healthy toddler meal ideas are easy to come by if you have a creative mind. For the parents who cannot think outside the box, these food tips will help you make simple, delicious, yet healthy options for your little one’s palate.
Breakfast ideas
Toast with Peanut Butter
This is a great option for those toddlers who are not allergic to nuts. It is also an easy option if you have other children to tend to in the morning. Cut into small squares to make this a finger food. Pair with fruit and a glass of milk to round out this meal.

Hardboiled egg with fruit
Eggs have a lot of protein crammed in them, which is good for your little one to stay full until snack time. Hardboiled eggs are easy to prepared ahead of time and pairing with fresh fruit will round out this meal.
Lunch ideas
Pasta with Veggies
Make your toddler a small amount of pasta, about ½ cup and pair with a small amount of veggie. If served together your toddler will most likely eat it. Try to use whole grain pasta and frozen or fresh vegetables rather than canned.

Turkey Rollups with Cheese
Turkey is a low fat, high protein lunchmeat that is healthy for your toddler. If your toddler does not like the idea of a rollup, cut into small squares. Choose a low sodium lunchmeat. This is an easy option for a quick lunch on the go as well. Pair with a glass of milk and a vegetable and you can have a full toddler in no time.
Snack Ideas
As children our parents always went to the cheerios for a simple snack on the go. That has not changed. Cheerios are still a great grain source and easy when on the run. Avoid sugar-coated cereals, stick with whole grains.

Cheese Cubes
Cheese has a lot of protein for your little one as well. A block of cheese can be cut into cubes to save you money instead of buying precut cubes. Kids love cheese cubes and it is a healthy option with little effort on the parent’s part.

Dinner Ideas

Dinner ideas can be as simple as what you are eating for dinner. Most toddlers eat this way. If your toddler does not want or like what you are having for dinner, you can revert back to the ideas I have given you for lunch with your toddler. Variety is key for your toddler. Picky children are often not offered different foods.

Remember the food groups most of all when you are trying to think of healthy toddler meals. Round out your healthy toddler meal each and every day for a healthy happy child for years to come.


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