Questions Before Starting The Business You Love

From Small Business Online Magazine

Questions Before Starting The Business You Love

Now that you have thought of a business you may want to think a little

deeper before jumping right in. This article will help walk you though a

good amount of questions to get your business started on the right path.

Franchise or Independent?

Depending on the business you choose, there may be a franchising

opportunity instead of starting on your own. This article: The Pros

and Cons of Franchising can help you deceiver the advantages and

disadvantages of franchising.

One Product or a Service

This is important in the scheme of long term business. If you are

for example a writer, do you offer writing only for your niche like

healthcare? Or do you offer a variety of services from SEO writing,

copywriting, and content writing? If you are a baker, do you offer cake

or maybe cakes and other treats?

Using services can give you more money, but it will also require you to

perfect your skills in the area where you lack.

How Will You Be Known?

Are you going to set up a business website or are you going to set a

retail store location? Both are helpful in whatever you decide to do, but

watch your spending. There are many small businesses that fail because

the upfront costs were skyrocketing their intended budget.

Marketing is key when you have your own business. Sales may not be

your favorite thing to do, and it doesn’t have to be. Selling yourself by

promoting can create opportunities to sell. Networking with peers,

coworkers, and family can get your business off to a great start!


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