How To Easily Declutter Your Office

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How to Easily Declutter Your Office

If you are like most workers, your office is a mess. This is not a bad

problem; it means you have been working hard. The problem lies after

the day ends. Most workers are too tired are ready to leave the office

when the day ends instead of taking time to organize. These tips will

help you get started and end your day happier because you will leave

your office clean.

Tip #1 Clear the Shelves

Clearing your shelves is like cleaning a closet. Clearing off the shelf is the first step.

Getting rid of old books you no longer need and old files are a start, and then move


Really think about, “do I need this?” If you do not need it, pitch it!

Tip #2 Filing System

Check your filing cabinet. Use a nice filing system to get organized. Start

alphabetically with large categories, then move on to smaller categories. On top of

your desk, or a book shelf where the printer may be, have a “mailbox” where you

can put incoming faxes, outgoing, and to be filed boxes. Check these every morning

and organize them as they come in.

Tip #3 Make It Flow

Working is like playing an instrument; those who are really good at the job make it

look like nice flowing music. Those who are tied up in a mess look disorganized and

flustered. Make your desk with for you by making your work go from left to right or

right to left, whatever is most suitable for you.

Remember, these are tips to get you started. Try them out and see how they work

for you. Utilizing your workspace will not only help your work flow, but will make

you feel less stressed at the end of each day.


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