My First E-Book: Nurse Your Wallet

Nurse Your Wallet Ebook : Finding More Ways to Make Money With Your Degree is going to take your nursing career to the next level. Have you dreamed to be your own boss instead of the charge nurse of everyone else? Have you been scraping extra shifts during busy times to pay for Christmas gifts or special occasions? You are not alone.

As a Registered nurse for many years, I have done the same thing. Day in and day out, the stress of running the busy unit is not easy money. It comes with a lot of stress to your mind and body, and truthfully, you get burnt out.

As a nurse you can use your degree in many ways, I am going to give you some tips on how to start using it to your advantage. Opening your mind and letting me help you see what you can do with your RN degree without becoming the overtime nurse.

Chapters included in my book are:

Chapter 1 – Outside the Hospital – Ways your degree can get you working for yourself. These jobs can be turned into fulltime if you end up truly enjoying them.

Chapter 2 – Using Your Talents – In this chapter you are guided with ideas to help open your mind and indulge into a side job that you love.

Chapter 3 – The (very) PRN Nurse – This chapter helps you with ideas from jobs that do not require you to do very much time. A lot of as needed jobs require you to work a certain amount of time.

I have been an RN for 8 years, a wife, and a mother to two boys.

You can buy it here: Nurse Your Wallet Book : Finding More Ways To Get Paid With Your Degree


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