Reviewing a Camera Sling Strap

Photography is the fastest growing and one biggest small businesses today. Why is this? It is because anyone can buy a camera and figure out how to use it. If you are looking to make your photography life a little easier, look no further than to this camera strap called the Sling Strap Camera. Using the sling has helped me bring my photography to the next level. I am now able to multitask like never before. Taking my camera with me before was difficult because I was always afraid I was going to break it. With this easy to use sling strap, I am able to carry my camera, my child, and a diaper bag making my life as a working mom easier.


I received this product as a gift from my sister who knows my love of taking pictures. My love for photography started when my son was a baby. I loved the newborn pictures my friend took and thought, “I could do this.” Last year at this time, I started newborn photography. With this specific profession, I am constantly putting my camera down and then picking it up, Due to positioning the newborn and calming the small baby, I have no choice. Now, this product has let me calm the baby and shoot faster than ever before. Families are happy because I can get to their child faster without putting my camera down on the floor.


My customers will ask me, “aren’t you afraid the lens is going to break using the strap?” This product protects your camera giving you the ability to multitask. As a mother of two, multitasking is my job. As many photographers know, multitasking is essential to get the perfect shot.


The other great feature is the comfort of the strap. I have had many products that I cannot get comfortable with the strap. I am a small woman, with a small build, so inevitably everything is big on me. This worked better than others because of simply, comfort.


The price is extremely affordable, which is why I will be buying some for my photography friends. It is made of tough material, yet stylish enough for guys and girls to carry. It fits most DSLR cameras, not only the highly priced professional cameras.


If you are looking for a gift this holiday season, giving the gift of a camera strap will be original and will make the photographer think that you thought of them personally.


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