Top Four Breeds of Dogs for Apartment Living

Top Four Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment and being a dog lover can be a tough decision on if you should get a dog or not. Dogs help humans with many things in life from health to love. There are many dogs that need a large yard to run and play, but, there are many that are little and/or lazy that does not need a large play area. This does not mean that they do not need a place to walk. You will still need to exercise your pup daily.

4. Yorkshire Terriers are great apartment dogs because of their petite build, being only around 7lbs, they will not take up anymore space than a newborn baby. They exercise themselves in an apartment; therefore do not need a large play area. They do not bark much, but do require grooming because they have longer hair.

3. French Bulldogs are a good choice because they are small enough, about 20 lbs, but have features of a larger dog. They are normally calm and quiet and have become recently very popular. Due to being a bulldog, they do need to be monitored during exercise in high heat. They do not need much grooming which is good in a small area as well.

2. Greyhounds are great apartment dogs, believe it or not. They are some of the laziest dogs. They are the quiet breed. Timid and shy are usually their personality. They are good athletes, but prefer to lie around. They will chase if not on a leash, but if on a leash, walking daily is all they need. They are short haired so grooming is minimal.

1. Great Danes also top this list surprisingly. They are large, as in they will take up
a lot of space, but they are the gentle giants who will not bark and bother other guests. They are calm, quiet, smart, and friendly. This is why they top the list of good apartment dogs. They do not need a ton of exercise, just a walk daily. They will help you feel safe because they are intimidating to outsiders. They also have very short fur, therefore grooming is minimal as well.

Depending on your preference of a large or small breed of dog, apartment living with a dog is possible. Request an apartment that is on the ground floor if possible for your dog to be able to use the bathroom as needed. Also, a crate is a good investment when training so that the dog does not do their business in the apartment when you are not there and end up paying for it when you move out.


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