Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

After receiving treatment, your body will thank you in a number of ways. Below describes many ways of how your body will benefit from treatment. OSA is a disorder that can cause embarrassment, but consciously. Most people diagnosed do not hear themselves snore, that is embarrassing too. The benefits to your body are worth seeking treatment. Sleep apnea is labeled in the healthcare world as the “silent killer”.

If diagnosed with sleep apnea, you have already most likely experienced daytime sleepiness. This is because during sleep apnea your body wakes up at apnea episode, which is when you stop breathing, wake up, and resume breathing again. If you have not experienced daytime sleepiness you will all of a sudden feel a burst of energy that you feel like you never had. This won’t only positively affect you but others around you.

Decrease Chance for Diabetes
When you do not get enough sleep your body craves sugar. Therefore, it leads to overeating and under management of hormones. Gaining unnecessary weight Is the result of ineffective sleep. Being treated can help this in a major way.

After being treated for sleep apnea your blood sugar will return to normal. With no sleep, or lack of sleep, your body’s blood sugar and insulin production are not regulated, therefore a major change in your circadian rhythm.

Decreased Chance of Circulatory Problems
Every time breathing stops during sleep apnea, the level of oxygen in the blood falls and the heart must pump harder. Every time there is an obstruction, the person must awaken momentarily to resume breathing. Sleep is temporarily interrupted, even when you do not remember; your body activates your throat muscles and opens the airway. With sleep apnea when you stop breathing in your sleep, it prevents oxygen from coming to you, including your brain. Therefore, once treatment is done you will have better circulation to your heart, therefore, the rick of stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure decrease.

Decreased Chance of Mood Altering Disorders
With no sleep we turn into big two-year-olds. Once treatment is established for sleep apnea your mood will increase, therefore, less chance of depression, bipolar and other mood altering mental health problems. This, again, is not only a benefit for you, but others around you!

These benefits are a short list of long-term effects. You are not alone if you have been diagnosed. The important step is to get treatment and have support to live a long, healthy lifestyle.


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