Drug reviews

I did this for carybyrd on fiverr recently

Imitrex review

I was diagnosed with migraines in 2009 by a neurologist at a too notch hospital here in Cleveland, Ohio. He put me through an intense exam to rule out any brain tumors.

I remember one time having a severe migraine. I had an icepack on my head with lights off. I had to go to the emergency room in a blizzard because I was vomiting from the pain. My blood pressure is normally 90/50, that day it was 182/96. Blood pressure can rise during pain, and indeed I was in severe pain.

Imitrex was prescribed because other drugs were not working. I was told for my size to not exceed 75mg.

I did experience a weird side effect with it. My entire head felt almost numb. I am very sensitive to medication, and that is a rare side effect, but it made me not like the drug.

I would use it again when I get migraines, but hopefully, since I found the source, I will not get them as often. I haven’t ever had a headache like the one that sent me to the emergency room, thank goodness. I hope to never have that terrible pain again!

Macrobid review

As a strong believer that urinary tract infections, if left alone, can be as bad as labor, macrobid is a lifesaver. It is a little black and yellow pill.

If you have never had a urinary tract infection, imagine having the urge to pee and that pressure being relieved when you “go”. When you have a uti, that pressure is never relieved. It is worse it turns to stabbing pain.

I was diagnosed with chronic Utis in 2010. You have to be referred to a urologist if you get more than 3 a year. “Pee before and after intercourse, wipe front to back, avoid tub baths….” I was instructed on all the preventable ways to get a uti, and I already knew them. My urologist and I concluded the cause might be my anatomy. I actually have an identical twin that also gets them chronically. We were premature, so that may be a factor as well.

After 3 months of continuous macrobid once a day, I have been uti free. I remember going on my honeymoon packed up with macrobid just incase. It was almost embarrassing, but at the same time a lifesaver if indeed I had a uti, it would be there to start immediately.



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